Marlish – Still Spring Water



“Sourced in the hills of Northumberland our Spring Water takes over 150 years to slowly filter through rock and mineral strata acquiring its pure quality and fine taste.”


“Our journey began back in 2013 when we installed a bore hole as a sustainable water supply for the grazing animals at Marlish Farm. We spotted a market for a regional independent spring water brand, so we had the water tested and traced its catchment area. The results were good as we had tapped into a historic underground aquifer, a completely sustainable resource which is naturally replenished by rain water falling on the Northumbrian hills, taking hundreds of years to naturally filter through the rock strata, gaining its high level of purity and mineralisation along the way. We built a factory on the farm so that all our products could be packaged at source to reduce our footprint on the environment and preserve the purity of our water.” Find out more…