Pennigtons – Lakeland Moon Vodka

50cl | APV: 40.4%

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Lakeland Moon Organic Vodka is distilled in small batches and is the perfect fusion of distilled organic wheat blended with the purest water and absolutely nothing else. From grain to glass, we use traditional distillation methods to create a light, smooth and classic organic vodka offering crisp citrus notes and a delicate peppery finish.

Pennington’s recommend serving our vodka chilled or over ice with a splash of Coke or Lemonade and garnish with a twist of fresh lemon peel.


“Pennington’s Spirits & Liqueurs wasn’t the result of board room meetings or spreadsheets but rather conceived “by accident” after owning Burgundy’s Wine Bar in Kendal for over 30 years. On a quiet Winter’s evening in 1990, I had the idea to create my own products with as much provenance as the selection of wines and spirits from around the world behind the bar.” Find out more …