Organic Liquid Chilli | 40ml

by Northen Greens | Organic Liquid Herbs


This unique blend of spices will elevate your dishes to new heights, infusing them with a fresh and fiery taste. Crafted with premium organic ingredients, this chili sauce comes in a generous 40ml portion, perfect for chili lovers seeking a hot and zesty experience.

Beyond a mere seasoning, Northern Greens’ Liquid Chili adds depth and complexity to your culinary creations, accentuating existing flavors while delivering a satisfying punch. With its convenient packaging, you can savor the deliciousness for months, thanks to its impressive shelf life. Say goodbye to compromising on flavor or wasting ingredients with Northern Greens’ Organic Liquid Chili!


When you go organic, nature thanks you with great taste. 
Like anyone else who has bought fresh herbs in pots in a supermarket, we saw a huge waste when buying herbs for cooking.

Often you do not use it all, it fades away in a corner of the window sill, and during the off-season, it is difficult to find herbs with good flavor.

We wanted to do something about that. Find out more here…