No. 2 Fusilli | 450g

By The Northern Pasta Co. | British Spelt Pasta

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“We have beautifully crafted these much-loved pasta spirals with our signature blend of flours. Proper Northern Fusilli, with gorgeous grooves and texture for holding onto your favourite sauces.

Perfect with: Anything and everything, your cupboard staple.”


Spelt Wheat Flour, Organic Stoneground Semolina Wheat Flour, Water.

Allergens in bold.

Suitable for Vegans.


“We use TRADITIONAL METHODS and our SIGNATURE BLEND of ANCIENT SPELT & STONEGROUND ORGANIC flours to bring you the most delicious ARTISAN PASTA. Using BRONZE DIES to extrude our SMALL-BATCH pasta gives it it’s gorgeous, rough texture for holding all your sauces. It is then SLOW-DRIED to nurture the flavour, preserving the nutrients of the flour and developing a pasta with INCREDIBLE TASTE. All HANDCRAFTED in the Lake District.”


“Sourced: We use our own, carefully curated blend of Ancient Grain Spelt & Stoneground Organic Flours from British Millers to create the tastiest pasta. Don’t just take our word for it…

Handcrafted: Our Bronze Cut Dies beautifully extrude our pasta in the most traditional way, giving each piece of pasta a rough texture that makes it the perfect carrier for your sauce.

Slow-Dried: We take it low and slow, drying the pasta at low temperatures for a long time to preserve the nutrients of the organic flour while nurturing the very best taste.

Sustainably Packaged: Once dried we package our pasta in fully recyclable (or reusable) bags.”