Darling Howe Brie

by Torpehnow Farmhouse Dairy | Located 21 miles from Basecamp North Lakes



Made in the Park House Farm dairy using only organic milk from their Jersey Friesian herd, Darling Howe is a wonderfully creamy, British brie-style cheese that tastes amazing.

The pristine white rind has the classic nutty flavour of brie and surrounds a delightfully delicate, buttery soft cheese with distinctive citrus notes balancing the natural sweetness.

A young cheese that is ready to eat around three weeks from milking, the subtle flavour of Darling Howe reflects the seasons and what the cows are eating in the pasture.

As you would expect, this award-winning cheese is a natural product in which the flavour and texture will develop over just a few days – either enjoy fresh or leave a while, whichever you prefer.


The Torpenhow Cheese Company was formed at Park House Farm near the village of Torpenhow on the northern edge of the Lake District, Cumbria, in 2019, with the aim to turn the rich organic milk from our Jersey/Friesian herd into creamy deep-flavoured cheese.

Our family are definite cheese lovers and when we began our organic conversion we thought it was time to share our passion with others, so we converted an old hay barn opposite the farmhouse into a dairy and learned the craft of making cheese and butter.

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