Bath Melts

by Pringle and Fairweather | Located 40 miles from Basecamp North Lakes


This product is Vegan Friendly and Palm Oil Free

These little Bath Melts are a pure indulgence and give you an all-over moisturising treat without having to move. They soon melt in your warm bath water and soak easily into your skin. After a soak, step out of the bath and pat yourself gently dry and your skin will feel oh-so-soft…all over! If you want to lie in the bath and dream of holidays past this is these melts are the one to choose


All Pringle & Fairweather products are made in a traditional Cumbrian farm cottage in the middle of the beautiful Eden Valley, North of the more well-known English Lake District.

They started making their own soaps because the Pringle half of the partnership suffered from very sensitive skin and often Eczema – they thought that using natural skincare products might help the situation.