A list of reasons to take an alpaca for walk

By Alpacaly Ever After | Located at Basecamp North Lakes.


Our wonderfully whimsical list now available as a greetings card (blank inside) with kraft brown envelope.

Recycled with biodegradable bamboo packaging.

Measures 10cm x 21cm

‘a list of reasons to take an alpaca for a walk.

because it is scientifically proven that the lakeland views are at their most beautiful when you are stood next to an extremely fluffy animal,

because they hum lovely little songs that you can add the words to,

because they are a much more amusing accessory than a titanium walking pole,

because you walked a dog once and quite enjoyed it but secretly wished it had been bigger and fluffier and hummed more,

because it would be just like walking a cloud, if clouds weren’t actually made from partially condensed water vapour,

because you can blame them for being lazy when you want to stop for a break. they won’t mind,

because walking without an alpaca is just not cool and all the other kids will laugh at you,

because they walk at exactly the same speed as human beings (except for those human beings that walk super fast and no one really likes them anyway),

because when a sheep crosses your path, you and your alpaca will be presenting it with a highly stimulating conundrum. and any brain stimulation in the ovine family is a good thing.

because as the old peruvian saying goes “there is no day that cannot be made more humorous by the presence of a camelid”. and everyone knows the wisdom of old peruvians is not to be questioned.’