Free Range Eggs

By The Lakes Free Range Egg Co | | Located 6 miles from Basecamp North Lakes


Here at The Lakes Free Range Egg Company, we created The Lakes brand because we wanted to offer consumers a real taste of Cumbria and The Lake District. We feel as much a part of the land as the breathtaking lakes and fells around us and are proud to produce the very best, gloriously free-range eggs.

‘The Lakes’ free-range eggs are produced on small family farms that have enriched hen ranges. By this, we mean hen ranges that have lots of trees and shrubs so the hens can shelter – and there are on average, 2,000 trees/shrubs on each range. That’s because hens will wander further if they have plenty of tree cover.

Whether you’re whipping up a fluffy omelette, baking a cake, or simply enjoying a classic sunny-side-up, our free-range eggs guarantee exceptional quality and a guilt-free dining experience. Taste the difference and savor the wholesome goodness of our locally sourced free-range eggs.


Excellence in animal welfare, care for our environment and a sustainable approach to farming and food production are core to our ethos. Our beliefs are shared by the farmers we work with – many of whom live on small family farms in the Lake District, close to our packing centre. We look after our environment as well as our farms and our hens and support our wider community. This ethical provenance is embraced in our brand ‘The Lakes’ and has been nationally recognised, in 2018 we received a Queen’s Award for Enterprise for Sustainable Development.


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