Cumbrian Salami Sticks

by Shaw Meats | Located 23 miles from Basecamp North Lakes


Pack of three.

Indulge in the savoury delight of our artisanal salami sticks. Made with the finest cuts of meat and carefully seasoned with aromatic spices, these flavorful snacks are perfect for on-the-go enjoyment or as an appetizing addition to any charcuterie board. Savour the rich, smoky taste and satisfying texture of our salami sticks, a true meat lover’s delight.

Salami, with its rich history spanning centuries, traces its origins back to ancient times. Its roots can be found in various cultures and regions, including Italy, Greece, and the Middle East. Originally developed as a way to preserve meat, salami quickly became a staple food due to its long shelf life and intense flavors.


We produce a wide range of meat products including Salamis, Cured Meats, Game, Fresh Meats, Fresh Sausages, Black Pudding, Gluten Free Black Pudding, and Haggis from our Cumbrian premises in Aspatria, a former mining town that sits on the doorstep of the Solway coast. Find out more here…