Habanero Salt

by Legendary Sauce Company | Made in small batches in Cumbria

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Product Description

These chilli salts much like the rest of legendary sauce co’s range of sauces have legendary flavour. They use the chillies for flavour first and heat is a byproduct. You’ll find a range of chilli types that have been used to complement and match the flavours we have used across the range. And this is no exception.

First thing you notice with this salt, is it’s not messing around. Habaneros are hot man!

It’s spicy, it’s fragrant, it’s awesome.

Heat Level


Goes Well With

Everything! Use sparingly, absolutely amazing on fried eggs.


“We are Legendary Sauce Company, a family-run business that creates an array of products from chillies. Our flavours range from mild to hot, each with its own unique taste. We understand that chillies can be intimidating, but we guarantee that all of our products are of the highest quality and will leave a lasting impression. Our products are made to stand out and provide a unique and delicious experience, so we hope you will give them a try and taste the Legendary difference!”